Secrets That No One Tells You About Airplanes.

Published on 13 March 2021 05:00 PM

We have always been fascinated with airplanes ever since it was invented. As Wrightly, oh I mean as rightly it was said that it has been indeed one of the greatest and most important inventions in the history of mankind. However, there are so many things that we are still unaware of airplanes. I mean if you try looking up ‘Interesting facts about Airplanes’ on Google, you will get HOOKED. And like we mentioned, there is so much more that we are still to uncover about airplanes. We decided to compile a few secrets about the same and get your mind running about airplanes.

Did you know that airplanes are designed in a way to withstand lightning strikes? Yes! A striking fact isn’t it? See what I did there? But honestly, it has been proven that airplanes are regularly hit by lightning. It has been estimated that airplanes are hit by lightning every 1,000 hours of flight time. But no airplane since 1963 has been brought down to crash due to a lightning strike because airplanes are now designed in a way that the lightning bolt can run through the plane and out of it, without causing any probable damage to it.

Coming to think of it, it’s really commendable that people have been able to manage to do this. Imagine the amount of risk otherwise. Yet another secret that we are not aware of is about the engines of the airplanes. So, we know that there are two engines in each airplane however, for flying, you do not need both engines. As scary as this sounds, it is true. Airplanes are designed in such a way that it can fly safely for a good amount of time on just one engine. Another interesting piece of information would of about those safety masks. Despite those extensive safety instructions demonstrated each time we go on board, have you ever thought of how long can those safety masks last? Apparently, those safety masks can only have 15 minutes’ worth of oxygen to offer. It sounds deadly small as per time goes however, this is considered sufficient. It is because the plane is also lowering itself in terms of altitude. Oxygen masks only drop when there is a drop in the oxygen levels, so the airplane also starts going lower than 10,000 feet where the passengers can breathe normally.

You’d be surprised to know this next secret. Did you know that the chime sounds that we hear are actually secret messages? This is news, right? We know! The cabin crew generally have methods to communicate with each other to convey different kinds of messages without alerting the passengers. On the rarest of occasions, these chimes can be messages from the cockpit to convey internal messages with regards to emergencies or changes in the route.

Talking about cockpits and pilots, we have yet another secret that you were possibly not informed about. The pilot in command has some serious power. Once the plane doors close, the pilot in command or PIC has a lot of authority to take calls. They can impose restraints, deny entry of passengers who look sick, write fines and so on. They are the ultimate authority on an airplane. Pilots also use plane flaps to point out issues in relation to the airplane. They often leave the flap of the plane down after landing to signal that there is something wrong with the airplane and it needs to be checked. Staff on the ground and engineers are aware of this method of signalling and generally pick the same up and work on the needful.

A fun secret that we ought to share with you all is that you should try choosing a seat over the wings for a smooth flight. Interesting right? Yes! A plane is more like a seesaw and for the smoothest journey, it is recommended to choose a seat over the wings. The back of the plane if the bumpiest, however, that section is the warmest part of the plane.

Also, have you ever thought about what happens to your luggage if it is lost or not claimed? It gets auctioned off! I mean primarily, it is indeed the ultimate travelling disaster that you have arrived at your destination but your luggage has not. But if the luggage is lost and not claimed by the rightful owner within certain days, it is auctioned off at a bargain to people. Another secret that we uncovered was the in-case people forget to turn the airplane mode on their phones, hardly anything can happen. The phone might lose battery faster that time but nothing beyond this. However, 400 people keeping all their phones in the normal mode might interfere with the equipment of the flight.

Movies and series have filled our mind with this myth that people can open the airplane door mid-flight and the plane crumbles too pieces. But little do they know that in reality, you would practically have to be superman to open the door of the aircraft mid-flight which is fast-moving at a high altitude. The doors usually open outwards so if anyone attempts to open the said door, the pressure and the fast-moving air outside would push it back to its closed position. Interesting right? Before we bring this to an end, how can we close without mentioning airplane food right? Well, have you ever wondered why in-flight food tastes the way it does? Let us tell you why. At an altitude, the combination of air pressure and dry air changes our taste bud’s sensitivity. Therefore, making the food taste the way it does. Who would’ve thought right?

Well, there is yet another point that really intrigues me. That is planes are equipped to operate an entire flight on auto-pilot, however, the pilots perform manual take-offs and landings. How interesting would it be to live and travel in a world where planes don’t need manual intervention right? Give that a thought.

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