7 things that will change on Earth if an intelligent life is found on Mars

Published on 15 March 2021 08:04 AM

When you stare at the immense expanse right above you, the sky, do you ever wonder what lies beyond it? You look at the stars and they shine back brightly. You know that before the stars come, comes the whole solar system. However, have you ever wondered that with all the amount of growth that mankind has made in science and technology and well, knowing what’s out there in space, what can actually happen if we found intelligent life on Mars? Humankind is achieving milestones after milestones, taking more and more credits into its pocket and discovering new things, one celestial body at a time. And saying this won’t be false that there is nothing stopping the human race. We wondered what can possibly happen if we are to find intelligent life on Mars?

If you do a deep dive on the thought of this you will find more and more interesting thoughts and opinions but here are the 7 things we think will totally go for a complete change on earth if we found intelligent life on our “possibly” friendly, neighbourly planet, Mars.

Communication is the key and we clearly know that scientists will never stop making moves with regards to advancements. We are sure that a good communication method will be established if we find life on the red planet. People would definitely establish a method here on Earth to communicate with the beings from the other planet and share things going on here with them as well. Communication is always a two-way street, well, here it might need a stronger network!

Honestly, our primary objective will be to establish a pact with the people out there to maintain peace and harmony and not be at war. Countries' defences will change, while some might open their economies to utilise more of their resources for the betterment of the planet, some might even establish more stringent policies to safeguard themselves from a probable alien invasion. Moving ahead, things come to education. We are all aware that during the past decades, education has gone through a total transformation? In our opinion, education on Earth will start inculcating more and more about the red planet and making sure that the upcoming generations are more aware of the same. The more you know about the other side, the better prepared you are. It's simple right? Knowledge is indeed power.

Now the world runs on resources as I mentioned before as well. Officials on earth will start optimum resource allocation. You will be surprised to know the amount of planning that goes into resource allocation where you can finally receive an optimum standard. We’ll dwell on that later. However, in order to help the neighbouring planet, attain a level to match or cope with the development index of planet Earth, resources shall be shared. It might be done in limited amounts to make sure that they do not overpower our planet.

Moving ahead, you will be absolutely thrilled to know that the tourism and hospitality sector is, beyond any doubts, one of the booming sectors in the world right now? So, once we have established that there is indeed intelligent life on Mars, we would make provisions for them to come to visit places here on earth. Tourism booms, hotels swell with more people visiting places and all in all we find growth all over. Since we are on the topic of flourishment and growth of the world as a whole, let me throw some light on the change in monetary systems. With bitcoins coming and going, the share market being ever volatile and money being the most important thing, earthlings will find a way to make trading work for the Martians too. Trading is really a huge deal and making our fellow extra-terrestrial understand the bear and bull market seems quite interesting. And how do we miss out on Fashion and Retail? We are all well hooked to our phones and the following everything on social media these days. With everything failing or sailing with that tiny double-tap of our thumbs, our whole system is based on this. And clearly, fashion trends influence everything around us. Like mentioned, there is nothing that is not captured, snapped and uploaded on social media. From trends to fads, to fashion which is rad, trends will absolutely change with the onset of finding life in the other parts of space. We might even create fashion which suits the needs of life there and adapt to it. Capitalising on the trend then, big e-commerce companies will surely throw in some offers into the mix. Other companies may make things that shall promote goods and commodities which spread the idea of inclusivity to make sure that life from the other place is also welcomed here. You will be shocked to know how much the people on earth wish to colonize Mars. Because out of all the other options, this planet provides the best suitable options for the process. However, surviving on this new planet is extremely difficult with the essential things to survive being very weak or absent. In a study where scientists and researchers were wondering how human beings might survive on Mars given the oxygen is less there, the gravitational pull is weak and harmful radiation is at its peak, they figured that human beings most likely would adapt to living on Mars in one of these two ways. Either their muscles will shrink and they will become weaker and meeker versions of our earth counterparts or their lifespan will probably become shorter, way shorter than it is right now because all the externalities affect and alter our physical features including our bone structure.

In order to survive on Mars or for them to survive on Earth, the lifeforce has to actually undergo a complete opposite evolving process to counteract the whole system. They say that moving to Mars is the best shot humanity has for its survival, however, in the end, who lives there, might not remain just…mere humans.

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